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Aging with Wisdom and Grace

This article explores what yoga calls the Kosha model (the framework of layers) with some discussion about the Vijnanamaya Kosha; our intuitive mind, wisdom and clarity. It is the witness consciousness that illuminates all aspects of ourselves – the pleasant, the unpleasant the beautiful and the ugly. With practice we can gain understanding, acceptance and integration of all parts of our being.

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How Chanting Can Improve Your Energy, Mood and Health

Have you ever noticed how good you feel after singing along to your favorite song? Singing acts as a conduit to mindfulness, similar to the state you would obtain through the practice of yoga poses or meditation. It has a sneaky way of making you completely present as you focus on the song you are singing, the catchy melody and the emotions that you feel at the time. This state of mindfulness is key to reducing stress and increasing our energy.

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