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Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness with Sierra Wagner, a Teacher of Integrative, Lifestyle Medicine


Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness with Sierra Wagner, a Teacher of Integrative, Lifestyle Medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area

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About Me

My heart-felt intention is to develop my clients’ potential and help them to experience greater confidence and contentment.  . . .  I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and instructing for over a decade. I have over 2000 hours of training.

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The Yoga Therapy certificate awarded to Sierra is very well deserved. The yoga classes taught by Sierra to my massage client, Tracy, a polio survivor of over 40 years, have improved the function of his left leg noticeably. The classes have increased the circulation in the polio effected leg so much that now he enjoys far more pressure on the muscle which have improved in tone, color and temperature.

I am proud to be able to write this testimonial to the excellent training that Sierra has taken advantage of to be a force for good in the world.
— Jillian Morrissey (Certified Massage Therapist for over 40 years)

I’m new to yoga. I was looking for some sort of meditation that would also get my body moving. I knew yoga would be good for me. I’d taken yoga classes in the past but always felt lost at times. This was one-on-one and the routine was designed around me. I have chronic pain in my ankles. Sierra noticed some things about my neck and feet while looking me over. She took that information and came back with a series of postures for me to do. I was impressed how they really addressed my areas of need. She explained the postures and was right there with me so I knew how much to stretch and when I should use a modification. That’s something I’d never gotten in a yoga class. Personal attention.

This is a great service if you’re considering yoga and want something that’s just right for you.
— Shawn Traywich

Sierra has transformed my home practice. After an interview about my current health/yoga practices, she took me through a user-friendly analysis of the poses I’m already doing. She didn’t add any poses in this session, but enhanced the way I perform each one, focusing on back and core strength, and showing me how to compensate for an old gymnastics injury and my current activity level which includes an extreme sport. She took notes as we went and gave me a customized hand-out to take home. She closed the session with a relaxing, guided Savasana that allowed me to fully integrate this wonderful practice-enhancing experience.
— Linda Gray (yoga student of over 30 years)

It was very easy to book a session with Sierra. It took place in my home so it was very convenient. Sierra knew what she was doing. We did an intake about how my body was doing and what my intention for the session was. It was important because I wanted to be heard and focus on what I really needed. After that, there were some body mobility testing and practice of postures. It was very helpful to be given some practice that I could do on my own and to have them practiced with me during the session, explaining how they would work for me. At the end, she instructed me through some relaxation, meditation, and breathing. I felt very relaxed after that.
— Samveda D (massage therapist)