Private Offerings

Yoga Therapy

For those working with an injury or managing a health condition, yoga therapy sessions serve your self-healing and help you do yoga safely. If you are facing health challenges, therapeutic, personalized yoga classes can help you manage your condition, reduce your symptoms and enhance your quality of life. Yoga therapy focuses on how to make yoga available to everyone, regardless of their level of physical shape, strength, flexibility, mobility, weight, tension, energy level and ability at any given time. Some of the populations I have worked with the most include baby-boomers, cancer survivors, those with disabilities, people with chronic pain and/or a history of trauma.

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As a yoga therapist, I adapt our private yoga sessions to your specific needs. From basic back care to stress reduction, I will customize the lessons to manage and alleviate pain and suffering while building a healthy lifestyle. With commitment to your practice you’ll be able to reclaim and maintain your physical health and mental well-being and feel more connected to yourself and others.

Adaptive Yoga and Thai Massage

In addition to offering general yoga therapy sessions, I offer specialized services involving adaptive yoga and Thai massage for people who can’t move on their own due to disabilities such as brain injuries, cerebral palsy, blindness, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

Thai massage can be complementary to yoga postures and breath-work and is offered when appropriate. It does not involve the removal of clothing, the use of oils or a massage table, and is usually performed on a padded floor or seated in conjunction with yoga postures. Like yoga, Thai massage contributes to the relief of stress and protects against stress-related health issues. It is also known to boost energy and improve range of motion and flexibility.

Private, Duet, and Small Group Classes

I offer different kinds of classes. With each, you will receive the highest quality attention. Leadership and self-motivation have always been qualities of mine. I offer adaptive yoga sessions as solo classes only.

All Classes Include:

  • Assessment of mental and physical health history

  • Lessons in the comfort of your own home or at a studio in your area

  • A personalized class handout reminding you of how to do the poses safely and effectively (example handout)

  • Email support from me after your session to answer any questions that come up and assist with next steps

Solo Classes Also Include:

  • One FREE phone consultation is available before your first appointment.

  • Initial appointment includes a FREE 30 minutes.

  • Total lesson time is 1.5 hours. (Subsequent lessons are typically one hour each.)


Benefits of Meditation

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  • Build neuro-plasticisty, neuro-repair, and neuro-protection

  • Feel more relaxed and content

  • Improve your anxiety and depression

  • Find more mental clarity

  • Scientifically proven to alleviate stress, trauma, and chronic pain

  • Develop enhanced feelings of love, compassion, contentment, and equanimity

What I Offer

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My meditation teachings range from guided visualizations, loving-kindness (metta), mindfulness exercises and more. Each of these styles of meditation has its own merits. No matter what your preferences are I tailor the classes to fit the personal needs of you or your group. If you don't know where you want to start, contact me,  and we can figure it out together. Lessons are typically one hour each. They include some conversation as well as guided meditation.