Con-Sensual Partner Yoga and Thai Massage


Consensual Yoga helps lovers, friends, family, and individuals to give and receive touch in a consent-based, touch positive environment so that they can feel safe and playful in their bodies while gaining all the benefits of yoga and Thai massage. With an emphasis on communication and safety, we will use eachothers' weight and leverage to deepen our experience of being in the poses and in our bodies.

You do not need to bring a partner. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to relate deeply to another person—whether it’s a family member, a romantic partner, or a new friend you’ve just met in class.

What does Touch-Positive means:

  • Touch is an amazing healing tool. We will talk about and practice consciously touching one another to support greater feelings of freedom and support in body.

  • We will get to cultivate the skill of deep listening to ourselves and others verbally and non-verbally.

Why is this a Consent-Based context?

  • Having communication about how we do, and do not, want to be touched opens the doors for gradually building to exercises that require deeper layers of trust and surrender.

  • Agreement builds trust. The basic foundation for expansion is trust - both inner and outer.

  • These practices help us to engage more compassionately and truthfully with ourselves and our community, and have fun!

What is Thai Massage?

  • Unlike most massage modalities that utilize massage oils and require you to disrobe Thai massage is performed while you are fully clothed.

  • Thai massage employs stretching, pulling, and rocking techniques to relieve tension and enhance flexibility and range of motion.

  • It also utilizes breath work, which, according to ancient Asian culture, treats the subtle energetic field within the body.

What is Contact Improv dance?

  • In Contact Improve dance you will be guided through safe and playful ways of sharing body weight through counterbalance and lifting using minimal effort.

  • Through intuitive movements the opportunity is created to explore your needs and desires in the present moment.

What is partner and group yoga?

  • Postures and flow sequences are designed to create and nurture trust, strengthen communication and feel light heartedness!

  • It is a way to practice yoga that builds stronger communication and intimacy in just about any kind of relationship, whether it is friendship, a family member, your significant other or a person you've just met.

  • Bringing a partner is not required. There will be opportunities to change partners throughout class.

Requisite Experience

This workshop will be enjoyable for folks who have some experience with movement practices including yoga, dance, and martial arts and for those who do not have recent major injuries or illness that would stop them from standing. You do not need to have experience in any of the modalities in the workshop. Varying levels of ability will be accommodated.


November 3rd, 2019




Anasa Yoga

3242 MacArthur Blvd Oakland, CA.


$45 - $75 Sliding Scale

Scholarships Available



Post Workshop Epiphanies:

- Being Honest with Each Other is Necessary

- Hearing Each Other is Necessary

- Trusting Each Other is Necessary

- Giving each other Appreciation is Necessary

- Feeling I am Enough is Necessary (instead of trying to prove I am as strong as my partner or other couples)

- There is always More to be Revealed (no matter that my partner and I have been together 13 years, there are things about each other that we don't know and there are things about myself I am discovering on day to day basis).


- The DEEPEST release I felt was during triangle when J and another woman were pulling me in opposite directions -- ahhh! Felt So Light afterwards.

- Amazed: I normally do 45 min to an hour max for class these days, but was able to do this 3 hour workshop and the time passed quickly.

- No Pain afterwards! Hooray