Successful Student Spotlight: David J.

Hearing about the journeys that fellow yoga students have taking is a powerful way to gain insights and learn more about ourselves. Today I’ll be sharing with you the story of David J. He got inspired to engage in private yoga sessions to better care for his body and to help himself build a stronger sense of identity and inner strength after his wife of many years had passed.

By integrating the yoga asana practices he learned into a daily routine his shoulder pain and stiffness dramatically improved and we were able to spend the majority of our three months working together addressing deeper levels of self care. I was there to listen, encourage, share my insights and offer him some of yoga’s many tools.

With such a huge shift in his life after his wife’s death was committed to use our time together to build a greater self-awareness and self-esteem. Repeating affirmations was new and unusual for him but he quickly adapted it to serve his desire for refining his sense of identity from being a full-time care-giver of an ailing wife and two children to someone with a healthy sense of autonomy and devotion to self-care.

It had been a very stressful time for him, dealing with his grieving process while also beginning retirement from his job. During the course of our time together he found that the deep breathing practices and meditation were a very helpful way to relax.

I guided him through a series of mindfulness practices including self inquiry during mediation which supported him in re-patterning a new relationship with himself and his beliefs around romantic partnership.

It was inspirational to see him really devote himself to healing and growing. He gained self-confidence and a pathway forward.

“I feel I’ve taken first steps on an important journey—one I would not have known how to undertake without your guidance.” - David J.

P.S. Thank you, David, for letting me share some of your story. May it benefit others.