Prana: Getting In Touch With Our Life Force

The sanskrit word prana is often simply translated as breath, as in giving of life. It is that universal energy that animates all things, including ourselves. This powerful energy has the capacity to heal and support us on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and even spiritually.

The most important thing we do as yoga students is cultivating prana. This can be done in our yoga postures. We can also increase prana in our practice by doing pranayama, which are breathing techniques and exercises. Some of these breath practices can increase energy, some bring greater relaxation and some help us feel more energetically balanced.   

Some of the Pranayama Techniques for:

~  Increasing energy when feeling dull, tired or depressed: Kapalabati

~ Increasing our sense of relaxation and restfulness when feeling anxious or stressed: Diaphragmatic Breathing

~ Increasing our sense of energetic equilibrium when feeling scattered or off-balance: Nadi Sodhana

Other ways we can stimulate prana to flow is by using aroma therapy and reciting meaningful mantras. Mantras are a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. I often use affirmations or statements of well-wishes to myself and others, but you can create your own mantras. When prana flows freely, without blockages, it helps us live healthier and longer lives. We feel more vitality and more ability to be productive. We’re also less likely to get sick or fall ill to diseases. Ojas is the sanskrit word for the overall strength and immune power of the person.

May you be happy and healthy.