Meditation Resource You'll Love

Many people are finding meditation a valuable tool for lowering stress, lowering blood pressure, elevating mood and finding greater peace within. This is why I have recommended the Insight Timer to so many of my friends and clients.

It is a 100% free app that has thousands on guided meditations, music, meditation courses and community forums. The meditations range from 1-90 minutes. The possibilities are astounding!

When you might want to use it:

  • At home to wind down and recover from work
  • Before bed to help you fall asleep
  • After a hard day
  • On vacation
  • Early in the morning to set the tone of your day
  • When focusing on a demanding project
  • When feeling depressed
  • In the middle of a creative process
  • With your spouse or friends
  • While on transit


I just got published on it with a meditation called Pratyahara: A Journey Within. It is sooo cool to see the thousands of plays it has already received! You care invited to listen to it too. 

Meditation (19 minutes)